Registering your application.

Registering your application.

Start to fill in the application for a student flat or parking place. Once you have made your application we will send you a verification by e-mail. This is to ensure that you have filled in the correct e-mail address. Just click on the link attached in the e-mail and the verification is done.

Verification must be done within one month otherwise the application will be deleted.

If you are approved, and as long as you renew your application by logging in to My pages and check that your personal information is up to date, once every six months, you are considered to have been on the housing list from the day you registered your application.

No credit check will be run before we accept your  application. We will do this when housing is offered.

If you have records of non-payment, the SGS will  deny you your application regardless of how long you have been waiting in the housing queue.



Are you a customer with SGS?

If you have an active application log in to My pages to view vacant objects.

Your application is not accepted until your verification is done. After handling the application, which can take three days, a welcome mail will be sent to you. 

Renew application

Renew your application once every six months by logging in on My pages. Check that your personal information is up to date and then press save. If you do not renew your application you will lose your accumulated time on the waiting list. Please observe that no reminder will be sent and that you have to keep your application active.