One room in a four room apartment to be rented out to an international student. Apartment is situated in Hisingen in Gothenburg. It takes only 15 minutes by a tram to the city center from here. Tenant should be a non smoker. In one room there is already a female student. Room rent is 2500Kr a month for a person.

Typ av bostad/rum A four room apartment/room
Möblerat Ja
Storlek (m2) 8sqm.
Egen ingång Ja
Hyra/mån 2500Kr a month
Egen eller delad WC/Dusch Delad
Uthyres från (åååå-mm-dd)
Kokmöjligheter Ja
Jag/Vi kan tänka oss hyra ut till en internationell utbytesstudent.
Övrig information
There is a market square just 400 meters from the apartment. Tram stop is situated just 300 meters from the apartment. Cooking and laundry facilities available and everything is included in the rent.