Mejerigatan 2B


14m2 room with shared kitchen and bathroom. With furnitures: Bed, desk, chair, a couple of shelves, some lamps and a small closet. It's in Kallebäck, close to the lake Delsjön which is nice, especially if you like to run! There's a gym in the building. The supermarket Netto is right outside and the bigger supermarket ICA is about 15 min away, walking. There's a bus stop right outside where the no.50 will take you to Korsvägen in about 12 minutes. If you prefer the tram there's a station like 8 minutes away, walking. Note that I'm only renting out until mid-april, but you know, it's perfect if you need a place to stay straight away like sorting your living situation out!=)

Typ av bostad/rum Room in corridor
Möblerat Ja
Storlek (m2) 14
Egen ingång Ja
Hyra/mån 3000
Egen eller delad WC/Dusch Delad
Uthyres från (åååå-mm-dd)
Kokmöjligheter Ja
Jag/Vi kan tänka oss hyra ut till en internationell utbytesstudent.
Övrig information
To be rented out between 2019-01-31 and 2019-04-20.
Henrik Bladh